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  • 1964 Mercury Marauder Fastback
  • 1965 Mercury Comet Convertible
  • 1966 Ford MustangGT Fastback
  • 1966 Mercury Monteray
  • 1967 Shelby GT500 Mustang
  • 1972 Ford Maverick

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We started Blue Oval Ranch, Inc. because we have a strong passion for Classic Vehicles.  While our Company name hints at being a Ford fan, we pretty much love all the manufacturers across the board and recognize something special in all the different classic vehicles.  We are slowly changing our name, to DENWERKS Vintage Cars.    Please give us a call or stop on by, we are located in Salem, Oregon, 503-910-2085.

Vintage Travel Trailers - Updated January, 2012

1961 Holiday House 19' - Harry and David Fruit of the Month!

This is something that is extremely RARE. This is a 1961 Holiday House, 19' Vintage Travel Trailer, with Aluminum sides, that has been in the begining stages of polishing.   SOLD SOLD SLD 
         1948 Aljoa 12' Canned Ham SOLD
         1966 Aladdin 15' Canned Ham SOLD
New - 1967 Aladdin 15' - SOLD SOLD SOLD
            1962 Holiday House 17" - SOLD SOLD SOLD

1967 Oasis Canned Ham Trailer

This is a 1967 Aloha 15' vintage travel trailer.  It has sleeping for 5, traditional dinette upfront, that makes into a bed, in the rear is a bathroom, and the rear bed, that folds from a coach.  This trailer, has a beautiful polished backsplash, by the stove and sink, looks like a mirror, all done in diamond pattern.  Has bright yellow stove, sink and refridgerator.  I am still in the process on working on this trailer, it is dry, had a little bit of damage around the vent, but can be easily repaired.  This trailer has same ownership since 1972.   This trailer will be for sale very soon, it is repainted, ALuminum Polished, great trailer, I am almost done with its restoration. 
SOLD SOLD SOLD  Thanks, Jason 503-910-2085

1958 Airstream Traveler

 It is a 1958 Airstream Traveler 18', very desirable and rare.  These trailers in this size are very hard to find, and are light, around 2300lb.  
Sorry it is Sold.

1973 Security Traveler Vintage Trailer

This is a 1973 Security Traveler 21' (from bumper to Tonge - Body is 18'3") Vintage Travel Trailer. This is a true time capsule, and if you like 70's color combinations, then this is the one for you, this is one that you can live in if you like.   It sleeps 6, has a couch fold out bed upfront, cabinets over couch fold down to another be, and the dinette area L shape couch fold to a bed. Full bathroom in the rear, toilet, shower, and tub. It has water tank, with electric pump, and Hot water heater. Gas/electric fridge. This trailer as far as I can see has no water damage, really clean interior walls, and ceiling. Overall, it is very clean, and has been stored inside for many years. It does have a few small flaws, but darn few for its age. If you are looking for a Vintage trailer that is comfortable, and you can use with the family or take out hunting etc, then this is it.   Give me a call 503-910-2085, I am in Salem, Oregon, thanks, Jason


Here are is a link to 28 picture of this trailer.

1966 Field and Stream Canned Ham Trailer

This is a pretty cute little trailer, older gentleman owned for many years.  This is a good little project, but it very solid, and basically camp ready.  This one has a nice shape to it, love the front side windows very unique.  Also has a Canopy as well, which is a very nice add, especially on those hot days.  This trailer is for sale right now. 
Blue Oval Ranch Inc. 503-910-2085

1969 Ford Club Wagon Pop Up Camper Van "Chateau 123"

This is a 2 owner 1969 Ford Club Wagon "Chateau 123" Camper Van, with Pop Up top. This van you can use to camp in, and pull your vintage Canned Ham with, and have more room for sleeping and guest. It was bought new in California, have original warranty card and manual. The gentleman I got it from bought it in 1998 from the original owner, and he and his wife traveled the northwest, and went back to the midwest a few times for big camping trips. It has a 302 Ford V8, with C4 Transmission. This van drives good, it starts right up, and idles nicely. Overall it is in good shape and you can use it as is, or upgrade, have it painted to match your tailer etc.  Give me a call if interested, you can drive it anywhere, so fly in and drive it home at your own risk. Talk to you soon, Jason 503-910-2085

CLICK ON LINK BELOW FOR 64 pictures of the Camper.

1947 Higgins Tent Trailer

This is a very Rare 1947 Higgins Vintage Tent Trailer.  Original Canvas, this is a great little trailer if you like to camp rugged, and like the vintage aspect as well.  I love the original Canopy with the fringe around the edges.  This trailer will sleep 4, and one or 2 on the floor as well if you like.  It needs to be restored, but is in great shape, this trailer is all Aluminum.  $950  OBO - Cash Talks

1963 Aladdin 12 Vintage Trailer

This was a really cute little trailer, purchased by some really nice folks, here in Salem.  They are currently on a month long trip to Iowa in this this little Aladdin.  I see the trailer often, since I help with repairs on it as well. 

1964 Oasis Vintage Trailer

This was a great trailer, and an upscale Oasis.  The interior is all real wood, with really nice cabinets, and woodwork, with rounded waterfall type corners.  This is probably one of my favorite type Box trailer that I have owned.  It is now in Beaverton, Oregon with its new owner.

1965 Aladdin Vintage Trailer

This was a very nice original 1965 Aladdin Vintage Trailer, that had very nice exterior and interior.   It was 16', and very clean and original.  It is now in Portland, Oregon with its new owner.

1957 Sante Fe Vintage Canned Ham Trailer

Great little 15' 1957 Sante Fe Canned ham.  Original birch inside, with a really nice look on the outside.  Fairly original trailer, been in Oregon since new, with long term ownership.  It is currently with some nice folks in Corvallis, Oregon.

1966 Shasta Vintage trailer 16'

This was a very nice little 1966 Shasta Vintage Trailer, in great shape, and camp ready.  It is now sold, and in Hood River, Oregon.

1970 Kit Companion 15'

This is a 1970 Kit Companion Vintage Camp Trailer. This trailer was owned by the same gentleman up until July 2011, it spent most of its life, traveling, in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.  It is now living in Beaverton, Oregon.  I loved the original woodgrain down the side.

1964 Aloha Travel Trailer Vintage Can Ham

This is a nice little original 1964 Aloha Travel Trailer, these are great, and have the Vintage Can Ham look.  These were built here in Oregon, in Beaverton.  This is a very nice example.  It sleeps 4, possibly 5 has a bunk, has a stove, fridge, heater.  Everything seems to be in good working order.
SORRY -   SOLD!!!  Went to Dundee, Oregon

1963 Aloha Travel Trailer - Canned Ham

This is a great little trailer, it is a 1963 Aloha Travel Trailer, one would consider it a Canned Ham Style.  It looks awesome, since it has been taken down to bare aluminum.  This is a 15' trailer, from the rear to the tongue, actual box is about 12'.   This is the perfect size for folks with smaller vehicles and vintage cars to pull.
Sorry Sold!!   -  Went to Portland, Oregon

1962 Shasta Travel Trailer Vintage

1962 Shasta Travel Trailer, in good shape, needs a little restoration but not much, clean inside, not perfect. It needs a couple weekends of work, before you would take it out for a weekend trip. Fridge works, Stove and oven work, Sink is not hooked up, but believe it works, when I got it the faucet was off, because they had a piece wood covering the kitchen area, to use as storage, so the faucet was taken off. All the electrical works, interior lights and brake lights, taillights, turnsignals. It needs a new jack, it is stripped, but I would try to rebuild this one since it is original, and I also have the original metal wheel for it as well. Give me a call and I can give you full details about it.  
SOLD SOLD SOLD - Went to Portland, OR.  Give me a call 503-910-2085


1970 Aristocrat Low Liner Vintage Travel Trailer

This is really cool.  1970 Aristocrat Low Liner, Vintage Travel Trailer.  This one is ready to take out camping right now.  We love the little Can Hammed and Bread Box trailers around here, and obviously AirStream and Silver Streak.  But this Aristocrat really caught my eye, since I we are a bunch of car people,  These are very light, and aerodynamic with low roof line (Lo-Liner), it is only 6'9" high, 7'4" wide, and 15'5" long.  This is a great little trailer.   
SOLD, SOLD, SOLD, Went to Dundee, Oregon    503-910-2085


Classic Teardrop Camp Trailer

This is a Tear Drop trailer, that was built about 6 or so years ago, in good condition. This would be nice to pull with pretty much any car, or small truck, hot rod, rat rod, etc. Has wood sides, but they are painted Vintage Burgundy.  Custom frame, built for this trailer, has a drop axle, so it sits lower, and notice the sides, go down past the frame as well, so you don't see the frame. Underneath is varnished. Inside has carpet, and a built in at the end. The roof inside has paneling. It has new BFG tires on it, and has nice baby moons, and spare.   
Give me a call $2900 OBO, 503-910-2085