• 1958 Ford Thunderbird
  • 1964 Mercury Marauder Fastback
  • 1965 Mercury Comet Convertible
  • 1966 Ford MustangGT Fastback
  • 1966 Mercury Monteray
  • 1967 Shelby GT500 Mustang
  • 1972 Ford Maverick

We buy and sell Classic Cars,  We are certified Classic Car Appraisers. 


We started Blue Oval Ranch, Inc. because we have a strong passion for Classic Vehicles.  While our Company name hints at being a Ford fan, we pretty much love all the manufacturers across the board and recognize something special in all the different classic vehicles.  We are slowly changing our name, to DENWERKS Vintage Cars.    Please give us a call or stop on by, we are located in Salem, Oregon, 503-910-2085.

Vintage Ford & Mercury

1969 Country Squire Magnum 500 Wheels
 1969 Ford LTD Country Squire w/  15X7 Magnum 500 Wheels
Thank You for viewing some of the best upgrades you can put on your Vintage Ford or Mercury Muscle car. The Magnum 500 Wheel, and Ford Styled Steel Wheels are just beautiful timeless designs. These wheels are built right here in the USA, all steel, triple chromed, with superior center stampings. We have a great long time relationship with Specialty Wheel, and get lots of configurations done to meet your needs.  Wheels are robot welded, to ensure they are true and round. They go through a deluxe Nickle process, followed by semi-bright nickle followed by bright nickel, called Triple Chromed. Here are some examples of cars that we have owned, and have put wheels on.
1965 Ford Mustang GT Styled Steel Wheels
1965 Ford Mustang GT w/ 14X6 Ford Styled Steel Wheels
1972 Ford Maverick Magnum 500
1972 Ford Maverick w/ 15X7 Magnum 500 Wheels
1967 Fairlane 500 Magnum 500
1967 Ford Fairlane 500  w/ 15X7 Ford Styled Steel Wheels
1969 Mustang Mach I Magnum 500
1969 Mustang Mach I - 390 - 4spd w/ 15X7 Magnum 500 Wheels
1969 Mercury Cougar Magnum 500
1970 Mercury Cougar w/ 15X7  Magnum 500 Wheels
1968 Thunderbird Magnum 500
1968 Ford Thunderbird w/ 15X7 Magnum 500 Wheels
1965 Mustang GT w/ 15X7 Ford Styled Steel Wheels

Magnum 500 Wheels, Styled Steel Wheels & Shelby

1965 - 1967 Mustang Styled Steel Chrome Wheels

1965 Ford Styled Steel Wheel Mustang1965-1967 Ford Mustang Styled Steel Wheel. This is a great wheel, for 1965-67 Ford Mustangs. The 1965 Mustang used a wheel like this, in full chrome, 1966-67 used a trim ring.  Many folks up grade to this style of wheel on all 3 years. This wheel was also can be used on the 1966-67 Fairlane as well as an upgrade. The Ford Styled Steel Wheel looks great on the Falcon, Early Fairlane, Ranchero, and Econoline truck or van, please click Pricing for sizes and pricing...

1966-1967 Ford Styled Steel Wheels - w/Trim Ring

1967_Styled_Steel1966-1967 Ford Styled Steel Wheels w/ Trim ring. This is a great wheel, for 1966-67 Ford Mustangs that originally used a trim ring. 1965-66 used the Red Mustang cap, and 1967 used the Blue Star Mustang Cap. This wheel was also can be used on the 1966-67 Fairlane as well as an upgrade. The Styled Steel Wheel looks great on the Falcons, Early Fairlanes, Rancheros, and Econolines, please click Pricing for sizes and pricing...

1968-1969 Ford GT Styled Steel Wheel Rallye

1968_1969_Ford_Styled_Steel_Wheel_Trim_Ring1968-1969 Ford Styled Steel Wheel. This is a good looking Styled Steel  wheel. These were built for 1968-69 Fords, powder coated or chrome. This is what you would see on the 1968 Mustang GT/CS, Mustang Mach 1 (plain Cap), Mustang GT (GT Cap), Torino, Cobra, Cyclone, Cougar, and even the Australian Falcon XB GT and many other Aussie Models up til 1975, they used a different center cap which I like. We also have these availible in Full Chrome...

1968-1969 Ford Styled Steel Wheel FULL CHROME

1968_1969_Styled_Steel_Wheel_Chrome1968-1969 Ford styled Steel Wheel, in Full Chrome.  This is a beautiful reproduction of the original 1968-1969 Ford Styled Steel Wheel, done in full Chrome, no trim ring needed.  Originals were 14X6, these wheels can be either in 14" or 15" your choice. This will be perfect for you Mustang, Torino Cobra, Australian Falcon, or Mercury......