• 1958 Ford Thunderbird
  • 1964 Mercury Marauder Fastback
  • 1965 Mercury Comet Convertible
  • 1966 Ford MustangGT Fastback
  • 1966 Mercury Monteray
  • 1967 Shelby GT500 Mustang
  • 1972 Ford Maverick

We buy and sell Classic Cars,  We sell Magnum 500 Wheels, Ford Styled Steel Wheels, Mopar Rallye Wheels, Pontiac Rallye Wheels, Buick Rallye Wheels, Olds Rallye Wheels, and Chevrolet Rallye Wheels. We also stock and sell Scott Drake Reproduction Mustang Parts.  We are certified Classic Car Appraisers. 


We started Blue Oval Ranch, Inc. because we have a strong passion for Classic Vehicles.  While our Company name hints at being a Ford fan, we pretty much love all the manufacturers across the board and recognize something special in all the different classic vehicles.   Please give us a call or stop on by, we are located in Salem, Oregon, 503-910-2085.

Customers/Friends Cars

2001 Panoz Esperante Roadster #13

This is a good friend of ours, it is a Panoz Esperante, the 13th off the assembly line, out of around 300 cars total built from 2001-2004.  Great car, what I love the most is that it has a Ford Cobra Engine, Trans, and Rearend, with an aluminum body, I believe built from Aston Martin.  This actual car #13 was also used in the Road & Track 2001 Road Test, on is on the front cover of the magazine.