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1969 Oldsmobile Cutlass W31 W-Machine Left column

1969 Oldsmobile W311969 Olds Cutlass S, Factory W31 Ram Air, Factory 4spd, Numbers Matching 350 and 4spd Transmission, with correct rear and housing and axle, that they put on this W-Machine for the factory.  If you know anything about the Olds W30, W31, and W32, you will already know that Paperwork is a must, and the only way to document one of these cars.  We have the original, dealer option sheet, purchase order, and various other documention.  This is the real  deal.  It was special ordered, in Onyx Black, with Topaz Roof color.  It is Factory bucket seats, W31, and 4spd.  The original Ram Air Scoops have been restored, and look very nice, and correctly restored.    60 pictures below and description!!!

1969 Oldsmobile W31 - Ram Air Induction 


 This is one of Dr. Oldsmobiles factory W-Machines.  1969 Olds Cutlass S, factory W31 - Forced Ram Air Induction, Factory 4spd, documented Numbers Matching, build sheet, dealer shipping order, Dealer Car invoice from Mitchell Motors, Atlanta, Georgia.  This car was special ordered from the factory in Ebony Black & Topaz (AG).  This is probably the only one ordered in this color combination, the original owner, had it special ordered in this combination, great color scheme.   They only built 931 units for 1969.   Of those only 106 were Cutlass Sport Coupes (3677).  Another rare thing about his W31, is that it came as a Cutlass S (Supreme), and was ordered with a Factory 4spd.  We are not sure out of those 106 cars built were S models and were Factory 4spds, probably a pretty low number.   This car is numbers matching, and has correct rearend (TM), documentation is everything on a car like this, it proves what it is, which if you know much about W cars then documentation is of utmost importance.   

The condition of this W31 is very nice.  It shows well, and drives excellant.  This car went through a mild restoration in the early 1990's, and has held up very nice.  The body panels all fit very nicely, as you can see from the pictures.  The paint is in very good shape, and has a very nice gloss, and is very straight when you look down the sides of the car.  There are few minor chips on the car, but you really have to look close to notice.  Not many cars are worthy of wearing black, this car body is very nice, and is proud in its factory Ebony Black and Topaz Roof.   With that said, the paint is older and not perfect, but looks very nice, and will show very nice at local cruise ins, and local shows.   The Chrome on this car is in very good shape, and does show nicely.  The floors and truck area are all very solid, and no signs of any rust repairs.  You will see minor surface rust underneath the car and various components, pretty typical of a car that has been driven and enjoyed, with that said this car is what I would call a rust free car.  

The interior is in great shape, not perfect but in good shape.  The seats do not have any rips or tears, there is slight wear on the fronts, but nothing major.  The headliner is not torn, and looks to be original.  Door panels are original, the drivers side at the bottom has some wear marks from getting in and out of the car, and the bottom edges are worn through a little.  The dash pad is excellant.  All the gauges seem to be working, but aftermarket gauges were installed years ago, underdash for more reliability. It has a Rare, Factory AM/FM Radio in it that works excellant.  The steering wheel is in great shape, no cracks, horn works.  All the glass is in good shape, no chips or cracks.  The interior lights all work and dash lights work.  The heater and fan switch are in working order as well.  Overall, the interior is clean, none smoker, it is very pleasant inside for a vintage vehicle.   The trunk area is in very nice shape, no signs of any repairs or rust issues.  Inside the quarters are very clean, even down inside were the truck drop off and bottom of the quarters meet.  Underneath the truck lid is clean as well, no rust issues under the lip, all the door jams are in clean shape as well.   All the exterior lights work as well, even the marker lights on the qaurters.

Mechanically this car is in excellant shape.  As I mentioned before this W31 is Numbers Matching, meaning the engine, transmission and rearend are the original ones that were put in the car in 1969 at the Oldsmobile factory.  The engine has its original VIN stamp, the M20 4spd Transmission has its original VIN stamp, and the rearend has its original TM stamping.  The original scoops have been restored in the last couple years, and work well, you can really hear them sucking under the car, in the video I show you can hear them some.   The engine starts right up, no problems, idles nicely, and has very good throttle response.  It does not burn any oil or blow any blue smoke, this is a car that you can jump in and drive pretty much anywhere.  The clutch is in very good shape, no chatter, no slipping.  Gears all feel very smooth and tight.  The car has factory Drum brakes all the way around, W31 cars for 1969 all had drum brakes.  They work good, and stop this car very nice.  The tires are Firestone Redlines, with black wheels and poverty caps.  This W31 originally came with Olds SSII wheels, which would look very nice on it as well, we do not have those original wheels.   The exhaust is in good shape, and sounds good.  Overall mechanically it is in good shape, just needs general undercarriage detailing and such. 

Overall a nice clean W31 very hard to find them in this condition.  It is NOT a trailer queen, but it is a very nice car, that you would not be afraid to drive, but would also want to park it far away from anyone else in a general parking lot.  Look at all the pictures, study them, and read the auction.  Please give me a call if you have any questions, 503-910-2085. Thanks, Jason




The W31's came with a Special 350 Engine. Gold color, Forced air system, dual snorkel air cleaner, scoops under front bumper, number 5 cast on cylinder heads, same as standard 350 but W31 has 455 valves (larger than stock 350).  Manual brakes only, M for Lansing in VIN, standard trans or automatic special M38 turbo 350.  Simple W31 decal above front fender marker light.  Hood has raised blocks painted, 4 core radiator, special high speed harmonic balancer, black plastic fender wells with holes cut for forced air system, 308 degree camshaft with lumpy idle, front and rear stabilizer bars.

The plate frames are not original to the car, they are not included with the sale.

On this original Oldsmobile Car Shipping Doc, it has W31 as the first option, and you can not see it it shows the special order color down low on the order sheet. Next picture shows a picture of the W31 Option. At the bottom of this it says the color combo as well, sorry for the poor picture, but the printing is very aged.

W31 Option - FORCE AIR INDUCTION SYSTEM.  Below you will see the Vin matches this sheet as well, and the car is original Matching #'s. Also you can see the M20 4 spd transmission option, SSII Wheels, Heavy Duty Radiator.  Also notice at the customers last name written in Shattes, from when it was ordered for him.

VIN number stamped on engine.

VIN number stamped on the M20 4 speed Transmission.

Original Correct stamping TM on rearend housing for W31 Option.

Build sheet showing the Body By Fisher Cowl Tag # 363008

Cowl Tag Matches the build sheet.

In this picture you can see the #5 on the bottom corner of the head, and the huge harmonic balancer.

The original W30 -W31 Scoop were restored last year, these are not reproductions, notice the small dimples in the Stainless trim.