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1961 corvette fuel injection

 Thank you for viewing this 1961 Corvette Roadster, factory 315HP Fuelie. This car spent its early life in southern California, and has only had 3 owners since. A very good friend of mine bought this car in 1977, he wanted a Corvette that he could drive as a daily driver. He found a newspaper ad for this 1961 Corvette, hopped in his vehicle and rushed over, not like we do it today, I miss those days (sort of). He made it over to Manhattan Beach California not far from where he lived and struck a deal. He wasn't planning on buying a Fuelie, but what a pleasant surprise. He always wanted to do a ground up restoration, but it took until around 1991 to start. He started the 3 year restoration in 1991 and finished in 1994. He showed it in 2 NCRS events, and won the Top Flight Award in both showings, 1996 and 1997. While at one of the showings he was approached by a photographer, and the car was photographed to be used in a 1998 Corvette Calender. The car has been occasionally shown in the last 15 years, but he has just recently decided to part with the car, hard to do, it has been like a family member. His wife and himself have some other things on their list of things to do and the Corvette needs a good home. Hopefully you will see in the pictures below and information that I have provided what a wonder car this is. This car is very rare, only around 10,939 Corvettes were built in 1961 in the first place. Out of those cars only 385 Corvettes were produced with the Ermine White and Sateen Silver Coves. Black interior was the Standard color but only 32% of them came in black, the most popular was red, which made the Standard Black more of a rarity for the whole production of Corvettes. Only 13.5% came equipped with the 315hp Engine option, with these options possibly around 20 no more then 60 were built like this one, and how many of them exist today that look like this one. This car is believed to have 86,812 miles on it, it was bought by my friend in 1977, and it had 83K on it at the time. He is the 3rd owner. This car has been through a full body off restoration, and is basically like new again. This again is a NCRS Top Flight car, so it has been picked apart, and then some, it is a great representation of what a Purist wants in a Corvette. Please view all the pictures, and information, you should find all the information you need about this car. If you have questions please call me, or email, Thanks, Jason 503-910-2085, Salem Oregon.

The condition of this car is excellent, paint looks great with a very nice gloss. The paint was applied around 1991, with final assembly in 1994. So the paint and restoration are almost 20 years old. But if I told you it was restored 5 years ago, you would assume I was correct. The car is in excellent shape. Flaws on the car, there are 2 very small chips on the car, that have been touched up, and you really can not see them unless you look really close and I point them out, one on the rear corner passenger side, and now I am sitting here thinking were the other one is and forgot, I'll have to look again. The hood, under lights you can see some imperfections from the heat of the engine, I am guessing. You can not see this out in the sun, only lights, and you have to look at the right angle. This may be something you want to fix down the road, maybe not. I tried to take a couple pictures outside and inside, and I can not get my camera to focus on what I am talking about. The body on this car is excellent, very straight when you look down the sides, and up on a lift the bottom edges look the same, very clean paint, very clean body for a vintage Corvette, the body is probably better then when they came out new, no signs of any fatigue, or cracking, and all the seams look very good, with no shrinkage. This car has been stored in a heated garage since restored. The chrome and bright work, excellent, no pitting, no scratched, excellent shape. Glass is in excellent shape. Overall the exterior looks great, on of the nicest cars that I have been able to be involved with, it has been a pleasure for sure .

The interior is in excellent shape. The seats, door panels, dash, are in very nice shape. The carpet has very little wear on it, it is not faded out, the sun is making it look a little bit more of a grey, but it is the factory color. The chrome and bright work inside are excellent. All the instruments work, the tach, oil pressure, odometer etc. The Wonderbar radio is working as well, this is a rare option. The headliner on the hard top is in excellent shape as well. The seat belts are correct as well. Overall a clean interior and show ready. I mentioned the convertible soft top, it has only been up a few times since restoration, but it accidently got pinched, and a 1" cut was put in the side so it needs to be repaired. Overall the interior is in show condition, and pleasant to ride in.

Mechanically this car is perfect, it runs excellent, engine and transmission were completely gone through, see pictures. You can eat off the engine it is that clean. Everything is working, very easy to start, the car is dialed in. It is a trailer queen, but it has been driven to local shows, so it starts and runs, and you can drive it and enjoy it. Many trailer queens, these days don't get any road time, and really have a lot of issues because of not being used. The engine is original to the car, with the vin number stamped on it. The Fuel injection unit is correct for the car as well. The Master brake cylinder is incorrect for the car, darn close but the judges say it is not, a correct one goes with the car, if you want to change it down the road. All the right stuff is on the car under the hood and underneath. The transmission is a correct T10 4spd close ration, but is no the original one to the car, all codes are correct. The rearend is the original, P case, 3:70 Positraction unit. This car underneath is excellent, a little dusting may be needed, but it is very clean and very detailed underneath to original standards. Again this is a NCRS Top Flight car, so it has been held to a high standard to get an award like that. The tires are correct, but have some slight superficial cracking on the surface. The tires are over 20 years old, but have very little miles on them. I have driven the car, and it drives like a new 1961 Corvette, very smooth, the transmission shifts nicely, no issues. All the lights on the exterior work, and are bright. No expense was spared when restoring this Corvette, but the attention to detail was the most important thing when this car was restored and it shows.
ASKING $135,000 - REDUCED $109,000 04/21/14 Thanks, Jason 503-910-2085